Weight Loss: Belly Fat in Men

In our generation today, the shape of the body is very important. People nowadays are very much conscious on what they eat and whatever they feed their body.

More and more people are going to the sports gym daily just to get rid those excess fats.

There are also many products that are being introduced in the market that would help in the increase in the reduction of weight and these products may come in the form of energy drinks, supplement drinks or oral medications.

There are even some people who go on a strict diet just to lose away those extra pounds.

It has been also a common notion that most women do their work-outs to lose fats while men go to the gym to increase weight.

But with the advent of many fast food places today, both men and women are trying to lose weight already. For men, the most problematic portion that they might have with their body is their belly fat.

Why is belly fat a concern for men?

By just the look of it, we would know that a fat belly is not healthy.

Aside from the fact that the deposited fats probably came from the food that they ate, it is also a sign of alarm that it may predispose a man to future heart disease such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes (type 2), insulin resistance, increase triglycerides, low levels of the good cholesterol HDL, metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea.

All the mentioned health conditions could directly have a big impact on the lifestyle of a man. Therefore it is important that one must get rid of the belly fat before complications might occur.

How do you get belly fat?

One common source of belly fat is your genes. It has been noted that obesity or being overweight can be genetically inherited from your parents but this doesn’t mean that this is not preventable.

beerEven if you have the genes for it, there is always an option of being able to reduce this amount. Another common source of belly fat is BEER.

The common beer that most men drink contains malt, which is a carbohydrate. Too much drinking of beer would result to carbohydrate overload and this would signal the body to convert the excess sugar to an energy source state and this comes in the form of FATS.

And this fat accumulation is what they call BEER BELLY.

How do you get rid of belly fat?

There are only two common things that one must always remember when he wants to lose the belly fats. First is to reduce the intake of calories.

It is important that one should only eat what his body needs and not to eat too much just because he wants too. The intake of calories must be regulated well to avoid the accumulation of fat.

Another is to be physically active through constant exercise. It is through exercise that the excess fat is being use for energy and be burned out. And also through exercise, one will be able to build a stronger heart and lung function.

Penis Extender: When the Size Matters Most

Men are quite particular with the size of their cock. Why? Well, according to psychological experts, men associate better sexual experiences with a bigger manhood.

Satisfaction by the female partners is, likewise and according to male stats, related to a large penis.

This is why many manufacturers of male enhancement products and strategies flourish in the market these days.

Enhancement programs and merchandise are gaining annual revenues – big time. Now, you can really say that the issue on size is a fad everybody is looking into.

More than usually offered information, you must know how to sort out facts from myths.

  • Race never counts. Race is never an issue. Generally, the male reproductive has an average size about 5.7 inches when erected. An average erection is about 3.7 inches. All these statistics are true to all men.
  • Pumps and vacuums are never the best options. Using these products to force blood into the penis’ shaft can cause vascular and nerve damages. These conditions can alter penile sensation and may even cause erection problems eventually.
  • Never hang weights on your cock. Though some might claim it to be effective, hanging weights is not an option that you should ever consider. This ancient technique is often put into question. It can severely damage your reproductive organ.
  • Sex makes bigger cocks. Don’t even try to entertain this thought. Frequency of sexual activities is not related to enlargement of your male reproductive organ. And this is according to many clinical studies and trials conducted.
  • Surgery is never the only way out. As a matter of fact, many medical personnel would often encourage you not to resort to surgery.

But there is more to male enhancement than sold products or sought therapies. Go natural!

More than physical and manual therapies to remedy size issues, there are things that you can do that don’t involve taking in any pill or forcing your reproductive organ beyond its flexibility point.

  1. Consider hitting the gym. If you want to have a bigger cock, think about losing weight. Extra fat deposits contribute to a fatty and stocky reproductive organ. More so, an increased activity level spikes up your testosterone level. This special male hormone boosts your libido. So you won’t even think about slacking in bed tonight.
  2. Quit smoking. Smoking is a culprit to various disorders affecting the human body. According to studies, smokers have lower testosterone levels and are more prone to vascular dysfunctions. The former condition affects libido and bed performance while the latter can predispose you to poor and difficult erections. Sperm damage is also associated with smoking. This can affect fertility.
  3. well-balanced dietEat properly. A well-balanced diet is important for a well-functioning body. Libido is interplay of hormones and stimuli conduction. These processes are only effective in a nourished body.
  4. Stress. Stress changes the body’s gear – big time. Cortisol, a hormone released in times of stress, decreases testosterone levels. In turn, this decreases your libido and functioning in bed.

Electronic Cigarette Benefits

The electronic cigarette is truly a very useful invention that has benefited a lot of smokers. This is because electronic cigarettes have been designed to provide the benefits and enjoyable moments of smoking cigarettes without the unhealthy effects.

The main reason why electronic cigarettes are often being called as a healthier way to smoke.

This is the main reason why electronic cigarettes have become quite popular over the past few years as more and more smokers have recognized the benefits of these wonderful devices.

For those who wish to know more as to why electronic cigarettes are popular and what the benefits that these cigarettes bring are, here are some of those mentioned benefits.

  • electronic cigaretteNo carbon monoxide – cigarette smoke is generated through burning tobacco. Burning tobacco generates carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses. Since electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, there is no issue of carbon monoxide. This is because electronic cigarettes use water vapor to generate “smoke”. Since water vapor is normally prevalent in the air, there is no issue of untoward exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses. This is actually one of the major benefits because smokers feel the same sensation of real cigarette smoke and water vapor from electronic cigarettes. This is pretty safe because “smoking” water vapor has been around for hundreds of years. In the Middle East, the usage of the traditional hookah is the basis of the technology behind electronic cigarettes. Since people have been smoking hookah for hundreds of years with no problems, then using electronic cigarettes won’t be a problem at all.
  • Saves money – it is true that electronic cigarettes come at a very big first price. However if you factor it over the long term, smokers can save a lot of money. This is because they no longer need to spend a lot of money buying cigarettes. The cost of cigarettes definitely adds up. Over the course of a year, a person ends up spending less money when they use electronic cigarettes exclusively compared to buying real cigarettes. For people who are on a budget, buying electronic cigarettes is the better option obviously.
  • Helps in quitting the habit – for smokers who have a hard time quitting the habit, electronic cigarettes can really help as a stepping stone. This is the main reason why electronic cigarettes have actually become popular. By transferring to electronic cigarettes, people have an easier time quitting compared to quitting actual cigarettes. There are many quitting programs that actually include electronic cigarettes as one of the major steps. These programs have a proven track record and have effectively become one of the best and actually have a high success rate.

These are just some of the basic benefits of electronic cigarettes.

It cannot be denied that this is truly one of the best solutions available to smokers both those who wish to continue smoking as well as those who wish to quit the habit. It is no wonder the device have become quite popular and effective.

Wonderful Male Enhancement Benefits

Getting a bigger penis is a really good way to improve one’s quality of life. This is because all men are very conscious of their penis size and they suffer from penis envy.

Society views men who have a big penis to be virile and manly. Because of this, men who have a small penis feel inadequate. It also makes them feel useless.

This greatly affects their confidence and self worth. Men with small penises are insecure, irritable and actually loathe themselves.

There really is a very big demand for products that are designed to help give a bigger penis. These products are very reliable.

For those who have no idea what is the big deal about getting a bigger penis, here is a list of wonderful male enhancement benefits that men can enjoy.

  • confidentMore confidence – men are more confident if they have a bigger penis. This is because if they have a bigger penis, they feel like they are real men. Only real men have a big penis. This is why men with a small penis do not feel confident. However, if they are able to improve their penis size, then they will definitely improve their confidence. Men become more confident as they gain a length in their penis. There are many leaders who have gained confidence in life because they got a bigger penis thanks to certain male enhancement solutions.
  • Improved sex life – men love having sex and they will do everything possible just to be able to have sex. They are willing to go through the worst experience just to be able to have sex when they want to. This means enhancing their reputation as a very capable lover. If they have a small penis, no woman will take them seriously. This is because women cannot be satisfied with a small penis. Women want a big penis in order to be sexually satisfied. This is why men with a small penis have a hard time getting sex partners. If they get a bigger penis, women will line up and throw themselves at him because he is a very capable sexual partner.
  • Better job opportunities - because of improved confidence and better self worth, people who have a bigger penis now have better job opportunities. They are able to interact with others better. They are also happier and really no longer care about what others think about them because they are now confident. By having better job opportunities, investing in male enhancement options is really a good move because it offers good returns. It is really money well spent. Thanks to better job opportunities, men with a bigger penis are now happier and able to take on the world.

Because of these benefits, it is no wonder that more and more people are happier by getting a bigger penis.

They work hard for years to save up enough money to get a bigger penis. Male enhancement options may be effective but it requires quite a significant investment.

Causes of Tinnitus in Men

I believe that most of us have experience the perception of a ringing sound in our ear even without the presence of external auditory stimulus. This phenomenon is called “tinnitus” and it is experienced by over seventeen percent of the population worldwide.

According to many articles, they found out that out of these seventeen percent people who experience tinnitus, most of these are men in their mid-50s. Thus people are now wondering of what is the cause of tinnitus in men and how is it related to the male sex.

What is tinnitus and why is it common to older men?

Tinnitus is the term that they call when one person hears ringing in his ears but without a true external sound stimulus.

Sometimes the presence of this ringing sound bothers a person but sometimes, since it just goes away after a few seconds, the person would just forget about it.

tinnitus in menOne out of five men in their 50s (or older) have experienced bothersome tinnitus.

According to studies, as men grow older, the presence of tinnitus becomes more severe since the wirings of the brain are no longer that good to ignore the annoying sound. Thus older men tend to complain more about this condition.

Other causes of Tinnitus

Take not that Tinnitus is not a medical condition but it is a sign that there is something wrong with your body and this is also one of the manifestations of old age.

However, there are a lot of other causes of tinnitus. Some of the causes are mild while others already need immediate attention.

  • Age

It was already mentioned a while ago that as a person grows older, the tinnitus becomes much louder and bothersome and this has something to do with the wirings of the brain.

  • Anxiety

The more anxious the person is, the more the tinnitus will become bothersome. It is therefore more appropriate to just relax when you get to experience an acute episode of tinnitus.

  • Aspirin Induced

It was found out that taking in aspirin increases the likelihood of a person to experience tinnitus. What aspirin does is to cause changes in the flow of fluids in the Eustachian tube (in our ears) and in the brain causing the ringing in our heads.

However, the effects of aspirin last for only 2 to 3 days. But if you wish to eradicate the presence of tinnitus immediately, taking in ibuprofen or Tylenol would be of great help.

  • Excessive Noise

Exposure to higher decibels could cause damage to our ear fibers. When a person gets to be exposed to soft sounds, the brain would try to adjust to that level of low amplitude and this can cause the appearance of tinnitus.

Thus tinnitus is more obvious when a person is left in a very quiet place. So if you wish to avoid tinnitus in the future, it is best to stop listening to music via earphones at a very loud volume. You may also consider taking supplements.

Tips for Weight Loss in Men

When you ask the men in the gym on the reason on why they go there, there are two answers that you would always get: some would say that they need to increase their body weight and tone their muscles while other need to lose their body fats and then tone the muscles.

Before, the more common reason is the former but with the increasing incidence of obesity in the world today, there are more and more men who go to the sports gym just to get those excess fats in their body and so that their muscles would be able to seen.

But losing weight is such a tough job. One must be very determined to lose weight and must always have a goal in mind that he really wants to lose weight.

So if you are one of the hopefuls who wants to lose weight soon, below are the common tips that could help you achieve your goal.

  • Weigh Yourself Often

weighingIf you don’t have a bathroom scale at home, then it is probably the time to buy a new one. Buy weighing yourself constantly; you would be able to become more conscious about your weight.

If you lost weight, you’d be happy but once you gain it back again, it would be motivated to decrease your weight as soon as possible.

The weighing scale will also be able to track your progress during your entire exercise plan.

  • Turn off the TV

It is the television that makes us a bunch of lazy couch potatoes. As long as it is turned on, one would always feel the laziness to get up and start working out.

We all know that it is hard but you have to start by standing up and turning of the TV (or in our case, our computers for those who spend most of their time on the internet).

Once these are turned off, you’ll be able to find ways and physical activities that might help you reduce weight.

  • Beware: Taste Bud Betrayal

It has always been the fault of our taste buds when it comes to getting fat. At some point of a man’s lives, he would always feel the need to taste this food.

But remember, all fats begin with a simple taste and with some (unhealthy) food, once you stop, you can’t stop.

When hunger strikes in men, this would increase the sensitivity of their taste buds to salty and sweet foods and yes, these are your junk foods and sugary foods that would definitely put more fats into your body than just plainly satisfying your craving.

  • Almonds

The use of almonds when taking in diets has become very popular to many people. It has been studied that almonds are a good source of energy and the fat that it contains is monounsaturated thus it is very safe and healthy for the body.

It also contains other macromolecules such as protein and carbohydrates in the form of fiber. Thus once you eat this, you won’t get hungry no more.

Size Genetics and Fast Size Penis Extenders

It has been the hope of most men to have a larger and longer penis size than the average. But sad to say, the size of a man’s penis is already pre-determined by his own genes.

There are those fortunate ones who have reached the average world size however there are those who suffer and hoped that they too, would have a longer and larger penis.

Good to news to many men, since this problem that concerns with the size of their penis is very popular; there have been manufacturers that created products that will be able to increase the size of man’s penis.

Many of you have probably heard and received e-mail messages saying that their pills are effective in extending the size of a man’s penis.

But heads up folks, these oral penis enhancers are not really effective and may even have more side effects than beneficial ones.

It has been found out in studies that more effective penis extenders are those that of the mechanical type wherein one has to wear it for a couple of weeks or months before he will be able to notice the results.

Mechanical Penis Extenders

These mechanical penis extenders are devices that the penis will have to wear. It is like wearing a thong for your penis however the device would have screws attached to it so that one would be able to adjust the length of stretch of his penis will undergo.

In other words, once you are wearing these penis extenders, your penis are being stretched slowly as days and weeks passes by.

With the amount of stretch applied on your penis’ shaft, there have been reviews that this type of penis extender is much more effective when compared to using those oral ones.


One of the common products of penis extenders is called SizeGenetics. This penis extender product is very common in the market and many doctors and surgeons have actually approved its use for their patients.

The package also comes in with exercise regimens that will help hasten the increase of the penis size. According to its users, the SizeGenetics penis extender is very comfortable to use.

It is highly effective too. It is made up of light materials thus wearing it won’t even bother that much for the person. After a few weeks of use, the user will be able to notice its effects and will be able to experience better and more satisfactory ejaculations in his future intimacies.


FastSizeAnother popular penis extender is called FastSize. This product is another popular penis extender product in the market and has been on the best seller list for many years now.

What is also great about this product is that is has medical support staff that you may call upon whenever you need assistance with the product. After a few weeks of use, your penis will be able to have a 35% increase in length and 30% in girth.

With your new and improved penis size and strength, it is definite that you’ll be able to enjoy your sexual activities in the future.

The Dos and Don’ts of Electronic Cigarettes

Many people these days are fond of smoking which is why there are a lot of people suffering from smoking due to cigarette smoking.

There is also a new way of smoking these days and that is with the use of an electronic cigarette. There are some people who take advantage of this gadget but there are some people who do not know how to use it.

People who have used this device claim that it is a lot better than cigarette smoking. Others even claim that people who smoke using electronic cigarettes would live longer as compared to those who do not.

The question is it is really safe to use or is it really better than smoking cigarettes? To know more about the dos and don’ts, here are some points to consider:

What you should do with your electronic cigarette:

  • When it comes to refilling the electronic cigarette, it is important to ensure that the threads are always clean. Be sure to wipe off dirt from the threads. Clean threads are necessary in terms of changing the cartridges. This is essential to make sure that people would be able to steer clear of shorting the electronic cigarette since it might lead to permanent damage and the device would no longer work
  • refilling electronic cigaretteIt is also important to make sure that users remove the cartomiser from the battery when they need to refill the cigarette.
  • It is important that users leave their electronic cigarette disassembled when it is not in use. This is because it lengthens the life of the device and best of all, it avoids spoiling the battery.
  • Just do some soft puffs that could last for about 36 seconds to allow the production of quality vapor as well as flavor from the electronic cigarette.

Things that people need to avoid when using the device:

  • Only charge the cigarette when it is completely dead. Charging it before it is dead might just cause spoilage.
  • Make sure not to leave the electronic cigarette battery unattended when it is being charged, this might result to overcharging and damaging the device itself.
  • Do not use an electronic cigarette that has a blank cartridge attached because this would burn the filler and destroy the device.
  • Avoid over tightening the battery. Be sure to put the screw properly to secure it.
  • Finally, do not use portable charger cases while it is connected to the USB charger.

These are just few of the dos and don’ts when it comes to using electronic cigarettes. This is something that smokers could use because it prevents second hand smoking that is definitely deadly.

Smoking is a vice and a habit that many people could not give up. To those who wish to smoke the healthy way, be sure to check out these tips as these tips aim to provide users with information about the things that they have to do in case they would like to try it out.

Male Enhancement and Overall Health

You are probably one of the victims of the e-mail scams wherein they send you messages regarding male enhancement products that are said to increase your penis size, sexual stamina and libido.

But we all know that by clicking further after that message would mean that the life your computer would be put at stake. But have you ever wondered if these advertisements are real?

In the current time, many men want to achieve that perfect body as a sign that they are much more masculine than their peers and other men.

It also helps them in boosting their self-esteem most especially to the intimate sexual partners. However, as one grows older, there are a lot of changes that the human body goes through.

Easy fatigability and weakness are one of the early signs of growing old. Older men also would have complaints about erectile dysfunction or loss of libido and these types of problems usually leads to the divorce of many couples all over the world.

Thus some men would result to taking in these medications that said to increase a person’s sexual performance by increasing libido, stamina and also the penis size.

But before indulging yourself in these types of medications, have you ever wondered if these products are real?

Male Enhancement Products: Oral Drugs

male enhancement drugsSome male enhancement products are being sold as oral drugs. These drugs and other herbal supplements and medications may help you in increasing your stamina and sexual libido.

There are even some drugs that claim to have solved the problems with erectile dysfunction. Indeed, with the proper ingredients in place, these oral drugs are helpful when it comes to sexual health.

However, what these drugs could not do is to increase the penis size.

Male Enhancement Products: Mechanical Devices

For those are troubled by the sizes of their penis because it is relatively shorter when compared to the rest of the body, fear no more because there are now penis enhancing devices that can guarantee an increase in the size of your penis in just a matter of weeks to months.

But be careful when using this since improper use and handling may do more harm than good. Always consult a physician or an expert prior to the use of this machine or even the male enhancing drugs and supplements.

Why is it important to satisfy the sexual aspect of man?

A good sexual health also means a good overall health for a person. As one ages, it is normal for the sexual stamina and libido of a man to decrease and as well as difficulty in maintaining an erection.

The more decline, it could mean that your vessels may be clogged up by fat deposits that you get from eating unhealthy.

Therefore, if you wish to maintain the peak of your sexual stamina for a long time, better eat healthy food that is fat free to protect your heart and your circulation. Aside from having a good sexual health, you’ll also have a healthy life too.

Tinnitus in Men

Have you ever experienced that moment when suddenly you get to hear a “ringing sound” in your ears? And then after a few seconds, it will just go away?

I guess we all had but for most of the times, we just do not mind it since it typically goes away without causing harm.

But did you know that the frequent presence of this ringing in the ears could actually be a sign of an underlying problem in our bodies? The ringing of the ears is technically called “tinnitus”.

What is tinnitus?

tinnitusTinnitus, as what was mentioned, is the sensation of being able to hear some “ringing” sound in your ears but there are no other external sounds that could produce it that is present.

But the sounds could also be buzzing, hissing, roaring, clicking, a high-pitched whining, a low-pitched hum and some even said that it is similar to a heartbeat sound.

It could be intermittent which means that it would appear as a series of beeps or it could be continuous, producing a long single tone. Therefore, there are others who have been hearing something louder than just the ringing sound are actually bothered by it.

Epidemiology of Tinnitus

All over the world, many men are bothered by tinnitus. Approximately seventeen percent of the world’s population is experiencing this neurological phenomenon.

It was also noted that most complaints would come from the male population and this could be correlated with the fact that some of the risk factors for having tinnitus are activities related to men. However, not all people who have tinnitus are bothered by it.

There are others who just leave it alone and let it not interfere with their lives.

Is being bothered by Tinnitus a good sign?

Since tinnitus is a neurological phenomenon, being bothered by its presence only means that your brain is activated by it.

The system of the brain that is responsible for the perception of tinnitus is the autonomic and limbic systems.

If your brain correlates tinnitus as something negative to your body, it will be more reactive so that it could tell your body to be alert of what may come next.

What causes tinnitus?

As mentioned a while ago, many men are bothered by tinnitus. The common causes of tinnitus are presence of earwax, exposure to loud sound such as going to rock concerts and trauma to the neck or head.

These causes of tinnitus are more common activities to men thus they are the ones who are more affected by it sometimes. However this does not mean that women are excluded from experiencing tinnitus.

Other causes of tinnitus are otosclerosis or hardening of the earwax, presbycusis, acoustic neuroma, heart problems, stroke, thyroid problems, sclerosis and even stress could cause tinnitus.

How do we stop tinnitus?

Unfortunately, there is no over the counter drug that would help a man combat tinnitus.

If the cause of tinnitus is mechanical obstruction due to loud sound, then one could start listening to soft music and cleaning the ears would also be of great help.